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For a business, what is the cost of a communication that is not entirely effective? 

Due to frequent changes in operations and the need for adaptation, companies that do not have an effective communication with employees can suffer severe negative impacts. The lack of proper communication can result in lower engagement, and this can have many effects on the company’s strategic indicators:

of the employees feel that they
are failing to receive important
company information.

is the average turnover rate in
companies where employees
are not engaged.

of the payroll expense is what is wasted in average by companies that have disengaged employees.

of the time is what employees waste when looking for the information required to do their jobs effectively.

The positive impact of high engagement on business

Companies that invest in technology as part of their strategy for effective communication guaranteed to reach all employees and using the best communication channels have above-average results, as shown by a Gallup poll:

Turnover rate is from
25% to 65%

More productive

More profitable

higher customer

Comunica.In has positive impacts on communication and engagement

The inApp application reduces by 20% the employees’ time spent for searching for work-related information

79% improvement in average effectiveness of internal communication channel mix

A 37% reduction in the time spent for operating activities each month.

84% of our customers have implemented strategies based on result measurement.

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