We provide communication solutions to a large number of companies, which together have 163,000 participating employees.  

A single solution for:


Communication and survey design

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You can create communications by using over 40 editing tools, and conduct surveys without using external forms.


Communication management

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You will have full control by creating the segmentations, planning entire campaigns, and sending the messages.


Result measurement

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You will monitor campaign performance in real time. Find out who has read, who has reacted or interacted, and much more. 

Increase communication effectiveness and engagement with data analysis 

Communication indicators

Increase your planning power by analyzing
the best timing for sending communications,
the most attractive formats, the most functional
titles, and much more.  

Engagement indicators 

Much more than knowing if communications
have been opened: you can find out how
employees have reacted to each message, and can
monitor organizational climate by means of quick surveys.

Dynamic reports

Use the customizable dashboard to monitor performance
in real time. The more employee information you input,
the more varied the analyses made by the platform will be.  

Join the community that is transforming internal communication.

“We gradually learned that we could find out how people behave and how we could get their interest aroused, instead of considering only how many had or had not read our messages.”

Camila Maistrovicz

Internal Communication

84% of our customers have implemented new strategies in the first 3 months, and have achieved results such as:

  • Communications have reached 100% of the employees
  • Effectiveness indicators have improved
  • Continuous employee engagement and organizational climate mapping